First Round

First Leg October 11                         Second Leg November 12

The Yucatan 6-2 Legends E11         Legends E11 6-0 The Yucatan (The Yucatan win Play off)

The Oaktree 5-5 The Wheatsheaf    The Wheatsheaf 6-0 The Oaktree

Quarter Finals

First Leg December 13                         Second Leg January 10

Prince Edward 1-6 The Wheatie           The Wheatie 5-3 Prince Edward 
The Wheatsheaf 5-5 Dutch House        Dutch House 3-6 The Wheatsheaf
Double Dutch 6-4 The Manor                The Manor 2-5 Double Dutch 

The Yucatan 5-5 Woodberry Tavern       Woodberry Tavern 3-6 The Yucatan

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