All first round matches are best of 3 frames. Players are to play according to draw at the venue. Late comers will not be allowed to participate. Winning player to post result.


Winners £80 Runners up £40

Semi Finals and Final March 21st. Venue TBC

All matches best of 5 frames

Toby & Paul v Colin & Pompey

Paul & Lawrence v Peter & Mash

Congratulations Doubles first round winners

Peter & Mash - Reigning Champs
Paul & Lawrence - The Wheatsheaf
Colin & Pompey - Dutch House
Toby & Paul - Legends E11

First Round

Peter & Mash – The Yucatan

The Yucatan

Miles & Ed – Dutch House

Neal & Dave – Prince Edward

Jimmy S & Andy – The Yucatan


The Wheatsheaf

Sammy & Craig – Dutch House

Paul & Lawrence – Prince Edward

Adrian & Harry – The Yucatan

Sacit & Jimmy – The Wheatsheaf


The Weaties

Hakan & Tony – The Wheatsheaf


Dutch House

Costa & Gordon – Prince Edward

Gus & Colin – Dutch House


Double Dutch

Jamie & Simon – Dutch House

Sanj & Sanj – The Yucatan

John & Tommy – The Wheatsheaf


The Manor

Keith & Turgut – The Yucatan

Rueben & Qeda – Prince Edward


Prince Edward

Joseph & Micheal – The Yucatan

Chris & Richard – Prince Edward

Carlton & Kenneth – Dutch House

Woodberry Tavern

Jamie & Donald – The Wheatsheaf


The Oaktree

Adam & Chris – The Wheatsheaf


Legends E11

Toby & Paul – The Wheatsheaf

Devon & Dean – Prince Edward

Bon & Micheal – Dutch House


Winner £65 Runner up £35

Quarter Finals and semi finals January 31st.

All matches best of 5 frames

Venue The Oaktree

Dave (The Yucatan) v Peter (Dutch House)
Cheda (The Manor) v Tommy (Double Dutch)

Venue Woodberry Tavern

Turgut (The Manor) v John ( Double Dutch)
Lawrence (The Wheatsheaf) v Andy (The Yucatan)

Congratulations to the singles first round winners

Laurence Parrin - The Wheatsheaf
Qendrim Vitia - The Manor
John F Mcdonagh - Double Dutch
David Newman - The Yucatan
Peter Mcdonagh - Dutch House
Andy Lishak - The Yucatan
Turgut Hajizade - The Manor
Tommy Doyle - Double Dutch
Keith's Hair - The Manor

First Round

The Yucatan

Jimmy Ballentyne – Legends Red                  

Jimmy Salmon – Legends Yellow                   

Neal Pratten – Woodberry Tavern                

Dave Newman – Dutch House                        

Andy Lishak – The Manor

Miles Tipping – The Wheatsheaf                                     

Ed De Lacy – The Oaktree

The Wheatsheaf

Sacit Ege – The Wheatsheaf

Craig Delaney – The Oaktree                                                  

Jimmy Demetriou – The Manor

Sammy Jackson – Legends Red                                     

Paul Goldstaub – Dutch House

Harry Delaney – Woodberry Tavern                              

Lawrence Parrin – Prince Edward                                                    

The Weaties

Hakan Hamit – Legends Red

James Phillips – Legends Yellow                                             

Tony Hamit – The Wheatsheaf


Dutch House

Gus Creighton – Dutch House

Gordon Jenkinson – Prince Edward                                       

Colin Colfer – Legends Red

Peter McDonagh – The Wheatsheaf                               

Daniel Da Costa – The Manor                                                

John Sullivan – Woodberry Tavern                                                

Double Dutch

Jamie Singh – Dutch House

Kaks – Woodberry Tavern                                                 

Mash – Prince Edward

Tommy Doyle – The Oaktree                                            

John McDonagh – Legends Red                                                                     

The Manor

Keith Peters – The Manor

Turgut Hacizade – Woodberry Tavern                             

Rueben Moses – The Oaktree

Qeda Vitia – Legends Yellow                                                


Prince Edward

Chris Myers – Prince Edward

Joseph Allen – Legends Yellow                                    
Michael – The Manor

Kenneth McKay – The Wheatsheaf              

Carlton Barrett – The Oaktree                                                                         


Jamie Limbert – Woodberry Tavern

Dave Fulton – The Wheatsheaf                                    

Donald McElroy – Dutch House

The Oaktree

Adam Rowe – Dutch House

Chris Faulkner – The Oaktree                                        

Dave Dowling – Prince Edward

Legends E11

Michael James – The Manor

Devon Brown – Legends Yellow

Bon Bonsk – Prince Edward

Dean Stockley – Legends Red

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