Good Sportsmanship should be adhered to throughout.

Matches take place on Wednesday nights starting at 8.30 pm.

Old English Pool Association Rules are played with the addition of the cushion Rule below. For the rules of the game click here.

Cushion rule explained

Once the cue ball has legally struck the object ball a ball must be either legally potted or hit a cushion, The only exception to this rule is if a player is totally snookered. The snooker must be declared by the player snookered, only then can it be legal to just hit the object ball without hitting a cushion or potting afterwards. If the object ball is touching a cushion then once it has been hit a ball must still hit a cushion. (it is not deemed to already have touched the cushion as in a touching ball situation). if the object ball is close to the cushion but not touching  the ref needs to be notified that its not touching the cushion.

Coaching is not allowed. If persistent coaching happens (i.e. the referee has to warn players more than twice) then the referee has the authority to award the frame to the offended player.

Before the start of a match the away team are entitled to a courtesy game. If the table is not adequately level the away team captain can ask for the table to be rectified. This is lost however if the away team fails to arrive before 8.20

Away team captains are to rate the condition of the table from 1 (very poor) to 5 (very good). Tables that receive a rating of 3 or less 3 times will be fined £20. Table ratings are for condition of cloth, levelness of table, trueness of cushions. Obstacles around table i.e. walls, posts, etc. are not included.

There have been problems in the past where visiting teams have not been buying drinks. Please note publicans have the right to ask people to leave their premises if they wish. Teams are requested to spend a minimum £5 per person. Please make your players aware of this.

Any player making aggressive, abusive, threatening or any other comments that bring negativity to the  league will be suspended for two matches (regardless of competition). A repeat offence will see them banned for the rest of the season. 

Teams are permitted to postpone only one match during the course of the season.


Teams will play each other home and away as indicated on the fixture list. 

Matches will consist of 10 frames with 5 players to a team. Summer league will only require 3 players to a team

Points will be scored as follows: -     4 points for a match win     

                                                                        2 points for a drawn match

                                                                        1 Point for each frame won

                                                                          Summer league 3 points for match win


League tables will be decided by Points. If the points are equal then frames won will determine places. If teams are still equal head to head results will then come into effect. If teams are still equal then a play off is required.

Summer league only the top four teams will progress to the semi finals with first place playing third and second place playing fourth. The semi finals and final will be a single match in a neutral venue. 


All correspondence is to be done through the website or the Facebook page. 

Results are registered by taking a photo of the completed teamsheet and sending it to the league via facebook or the link on the contact us page of the website.

When registering the result of a match the winning team must do so by 12pm the following day. 


Before the match starts team captains must complete a teamsheet 

Players not at the venue can be included on the teamsheet but only before the match starts. 

Players are to play according to the corresponding number.

Players can play a maximum of 2 frames per match.

Substitutes can be made at any time. Substitutes can only take on the position of the player they replace. Once a player has been substituted they will not be allowed to play again. Except in the summer league.

Summer League players play according to the corresponding number for the first 3 frames. For the next 2 sets of 3 frames captains can play any player in any position  with the exception that no player can play twice in each set.

Teamsheets must be clearly completed and signed by players. Ineligible teamsheets will not be accepted resulting in player statistics not being updated.

A lag is to be played to determine which player breaks.

Matches will be refereed on an alternate basis with the home team refereeing the first frame. 

Matches are to start at 8.30pm. If a match has failed to start the offended team can claim a frame every 10 minutes. Matches can be claimed at 9 o’clock if a team has failed to show.

Teams that miss away games on a regular basis will be removed from the league. 

If there is a dispute that cannot be resolved on the night an independent committee will decide the outcome. The committees decision is final.


Cup ties (except final) will be played over two legs with each team hosting a leg.

The first team to reach 6 frames will be winner of the leg, or a 5-5 draw if all ten frames have been played

If after two legs there is no outright winner (the number of frames won in losing a leg does not count) i.e. both teams have won one leg each or both legs were drawn there will be a deciding frame. Each team will nominate a player to play this last frame. 

If a team fails to attend any leg they will automatically lose the tie.

All teams that get knocked out before semifinals will be entered into the HPL cup. These matches will be played on the same night as cup games.


All players need to be registered. Click here to register players. You can Submit players on match night via the Facebook group only before 8pm.

8 players can registered free of charge. There is a £5 fee per player for any teams with more than 8 players or any players registered after the 3rd match (regardless if the team has less than 8 players).

A submitted player is only deemed to be registered once they have played for a team.

Players are not permitted to change teams once registered.

No player can be replaced with another player.

Only an Emergency player can be registered after Dec. 31st. but in doing so the teams squad must be reduced to 6 players for the remainder of the season.

All players who have played at county team A or B (for any affiliation), international, professional or hold an EPA card must be declared when registering players. 

Restricted players are permitted to 2 per squad. 

County players are listed at the following affiliations EBPF  (scroll down to region 8) and EPA. All county players are listed here. 

Teams will be fined £5 and deducted 3 points for every frame an unregistered or undeclared county player plays.

Summer league maximum of 6 players to a squad. once the group stage is finished no more players can be signed.


Players who wish to enter the singles and doubles competition must submit their names via the website (indicating name and team they represent). Players will not be entered until the have paid the entrance fee.

Singles competition will cost £2 per player

Doubles competition will cost £5 per pair

Venues and playing order will be available on the website. 

Doubles players may change their partners that they have submitted, although this can only be done before the first round has started. 


           The Captains cup will take place on a single night with a best of 3 competition throughout the night.


          As well as the player of the season league competition there will be a knockout tournament for the top 2 players from each team according to the end of season player stats. It will be a best of 3 frames competition. If a player is unable to attend the place will go to the next ranked player in that team. This player will automatically go into the preliminary round.


Entry Fee is £120 per team. A reduced fee of £80 for additional teams from the same venue. A deposit of £50 will be collected from each team to cover any fees they incur. If a team uses all of their deposit money any fees they incur will have to be paid before their next match.

Failure to attend will incur a £30 fine (£10 fine, £20 to go to home venue to cover food costs).

Any team changing venues mid season will incur a £20 admin fee.

Venues where the table receives 3 ratings of  3 or less will be fined £20.

Teams registering more than 8 players will be charged £5 per extra player.

Any player registered after match day 3 will be charged £5.

An emergency player can be registered after Dec 31st. for £10 the squad then has to be reduced to 6 players.

Teams failing to be represented at the A.G.M. will be fined £10.

Failing to provide official match sheet £5 (First offence is exempt)

All table and food costs are the responsibility of the home team. If you are being used as a neutral venue you will then be advised accordingly.

If a team drops out of the league before playing every team once then all points will be void. If a team drops out having played every team at least once then the results will stand from the first match only. 

All entrance fees and deposits are non refundable if a team drops out or are evicted from the league.

All fees and fines will be taken from the Deposit collected at the start of the season.

There will be no fines for the summer league.


Teams must give 24 hours notice if they wish to postpone a match. 

If a team is unable to give 24 hours notice prior to postponement they will be fined £30 and the offended team will be awarded the match 10-0.

If you need to postpone a match make arrangements directly with the opposing team as to when it is to be played, once finalised inform the league to the new arrangements. 

Any Matches that are brought forward and played before the date on fixtures list will not be penalised.

      Please give as much notice as possible.  

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