Group AGroup B
The Yucatan7-2The ManorJun-06The Oaktree1-8Lord Palmerston
The Wheatsheaf6-3The Victory Double Dutch5-4Dutch House
The Victory4-5The ManorJun-13Lord Palmerston4-5Double Dutch
The Yucatan4-5The WheatsheafDutch House5-4The Oaktree
The Manor5-4The WheatsheafJun-20Double Dutch5-4The Oaktree
The Victory3-6The YucatanLord Palmerston3-6Dutch House
The Manor8-1The VictoryJun-27Double Dutch7-2Lord Palmerston
The Wheatsheaf6-3The YucatanThe Oaktree4-5Dutch House
The Wheatsheaf5-4The ManorJul-04Lord Palmerston6-3The Oaktree
The Yucatan9-0The VictoryDutch House4-5Double Dutch
The Manor2-7The YucatanJul-18The Oaktree6-3Double Dutch
The Victory1-8The WheatsheafDutch House3-6Lord Palmerston
The Wheatsheaf5-4Lord PalmerstonJul-25Double Dutch3-5The Yucatan

The wheatsheaf


The Yucatan

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