Welcome to the Hackney Pool league

The Dutch House on South Tottenham High Road, have joined the league and will be taking the place of the Royal Oak who dropped out earlier in the season. All points won against the Royal Oak have been reinstated. The Dutch House have a few games to catch up, this has been easily incorporated into the league without having to extend the season. The fixture list has been updated. Please check fixtures to see when your team are due to play to Dutch House. 

It is imperative that referees are used during matches. there has recently been a match where both teams agreed to not have refs when a disputed shot was made. There then ensued an argument and the away team were then asked to leave the pub. This would not have happened if refs were used.


You can still donate to the Wheatsheaf Movember. To donate click here

 Matches will take place on Wednesday evenings starting at 8.30pm.


Anyone interested in sponsoring a competition. We are looking for sponsorship for any of the competitions that we run.

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