One of the longest established pool leagues in London the Hackney pool league is open to pubs and clubs in Hackney and its surrounding areas in North East London

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Summer league semi finals

The Wheatsheaf v Lord Palmerston in The Dutch House

Double Dutch v The Yucatan in The Manor

Season 2017-18 Roll of Honour

League Champions - Legends E11
League Runners up - Double Dutch

Cup Winners - The Wheatsheaf
Cup Runner up - Double Dutch

Player of the Season Champion  - Jimmy Demetriou
Player of the season Runner up - Paul Durrance

P.O.T.S Cup Winner - Tommy Doyle
P.O.T.S. Cup Runner Up - Bon Bonsk

Captains Cup Winner - Michael James
Captains Cup Runner up - Jimmy Balantyne

Doubles Champions - Peter McDonagh & Mash Ahmed
Doubles Runners up - Toby Bolt & Paul Durrance

Singles Champion - Tommy Doyle
Singles Runner up - John McDonagh

TEAM NAME                   P W D L F A PTS
LEGENDS E11              18 16 1 1 135 45 201
DOUBLE DUTCH              18 9 5 4 106 74 152
THE MANOR                      18 9 4 5 103 77 147
THE WHEATSHEAF      18 11 1 6 100 80 146
THE YUCATAN              18 10 3 5 95 85 141
THE UNDESIRABLES         18 8 2 8 90 90 126
DUTCH HOUSE              18 7 1 10 88 92 118
PRINCE EDWARD              18 3 3 12 65 115 83
WOODBERRY TAVERN     18 4 1 13 64 116 82
THE OAKTREE              18 1 3 14 55 125 65

Prize money to be abolished. League winners will get to donate £150 to a charity of their choice. Runners up will get to donate £100 and third place £50.

The fine for table conditions will increase from £5 to £20.

Each venue will be required to provide a set of match balls.

There will be a £5 fine for any teamsheets not completed on the official forms.

To register results take a photo of the completed teamsheets and Click Here to email them in. Alternatively you can upload the photo to the Hackney Pool League Facebook group.

                  Presentation Night 

Join our hackney pool league group on facebook.

The league incorporates the following 7 competitions. Team League, Team knockout, Singles, Doubles, player of the season league, player of the season knockout and Captains Cup.

5 players are required to play a match although there is no limit to how many players you can register.

Entry fee this season is £110. if you wish to enter more teams from the same venue the entry fee is reduced to £80 for additional teams.

All teams need to pay a £50 deposit at the start of the season to cover any fees or fines that they may incur. Remaining deposits are refunded at the end of season presentation.

 Matches will take place on Wednesday evenings starting at 8.30pm.


Anyone interested in sponsoring a competition. We are looking for sponsorship for any of the competitions that we run.

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