One of the longest established pool leagues in London the Hackney pool league is open to pubs and clubs in Hackney and its surrounding areas in North East London

Notice Board

The following matches have been rearranged

May 27th.     Happy (My) Man v The Oaktree

June 17th.    Lion & Lamb v The Oaktree

This years A.G.M. will take place in the Wheatsheaf on Sunday May 31st. at 12 o'clock. If you wish to add something to the agenda you can do so via the contact us page.

Current items on the agenda are

Fines for cancelling matches.

Admin fee for change of venue.

Emergency player signing.

Lag to decide break.

County players to be restricted to just A team players.

To register results take a photo of the completed teamsheets and Click Here to email them in. Alternatively you can upload the photo to the Hackney Pool League Facebook group.

Join our hackney pool league group on facebook.

The league incorporates the following competitions. Team League, Team knockout, Singles, Doubles and new for this season player of the season.

5 players are required to play a match although there is no limit to how many players you can register.

The league will make a donation of 20%(£100 Minimum) of the prize fund to a charity of the league Champions choice.

Entry fee this season is £100. if you wish to enter more teams from the same venue the entry fee is reduced to £60 for additional teams.

All teams need to pay a £40 deposit at the start of the season to cover any fees or fines that they may incur. Remaining deposits are refunded at the end of season presentation.

A fantasy football mini league has been set up through the Sun newspaper. Anyone wishing to join can do so with the pin 8299111. There will be a bonus prize at the end of season presentation for the winning manager.

 Matches will take place on Wednesday evenings starting at 8.30pm.


Anyone interested in sponsoring a competition. We are looking for sponsorship for any of the competitions that we run.

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