One of the longest established pool leagues in London the Hackney pool league is open to pubs and clubs in Hackney and its surrounding areas in North East London

Notice Board

The new season is to start on Wednesday September 21st. Closing dates for entries is Friday September 16th.

Entry Fee is £100 per team. If a venue wishes to enter more than 1 team then each additional team will cost £60 to enter.

All teams must pay a £40 deposit to cover any fees or fines that they may incur during the season. All remaining deposits will be refunded at the end of the season or can be carried over to the next season.

Click here to register a team.

As a result of the A.G.M. that took place the following changes will be made to the league taking effect from the start of next season.

Player transfers are not allowed unless a team folds from the league

Gamesmanship was highlighted with teams reminded that fair play should be adhered to, failing to call a foul on yourself is classed as cheating and if a foul is made and the referee has not seen it, it should still be called. Referees also need to concentrate on games.

There will be a change to match format. Matches will now be played 5 singles matches, 1 doubles match and 3 singles match. players can only play in either the doubles or final 3 singles matches. Points will be allocated 1 point per frame won and 3 points for winning the match. in the event of a team not having 5 players the doubles match must be played.

There will be a mid season meeting date to be Confirmed.

There will be an end of season tournament involving the top 2 players from each team according to the player stats.

No leniency on entry for the singles and doubles with draw to be made with any player in any venue

To register results take a photo of the completed teamsheets and Click Here to email them in. Alternatively you can upload the photo to the Hackney Pool League Facebook group.

                  Presentation Night 

Join our hackney pool league group on facebook.

The league incorporates the following competitions. Team League, Team knockout, Singles, Doubles, player of the season league, player of the season knockout and Captains Cup.

5 players are required to play a match although there is no limit to how many players you can register.

Entry fee this season is £100. if you wish to enter more teams from the same venue the entry fee is reduced to £60 for additional teams.

All teams need to pay a £40 deposit at the start of the season to cover any fees or fines that they may incur. Remaining deposits are refunded at the end of season presentation.

Anyone needing any pool accessories,cues or repairs call Mark Layton on 07985766923

 Matches will take place on Wednesday evenings starting at 8.30pm.


Anyone interested in sponsoring a competition. We are looking for sponsorship for any of the competitions that we run.

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